FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I arrive for a performance?

We suggest arriving 15-20 minutes in advance so that you have enough time to park your vehicle, pick up your tickets, go to the washroom, grab something from concessions and get to your seat.

2. I purchased my tickets online- how do I pick up my tickets?

Tickets purchased online or over the phone can be picked up in advance during our box office hours, or can be picked up when you arrive for the performance starting one hour before the show time.

3. Can I purchase a ticket at the door?

If tickets are still available for that day’s performance, they will be available to purchase at the door starting one hour before the performance start time.

4. Do you have accessible seating?

Yes. Our theatre has designated wheelchair seats. Additionally, our theatre is completely stairless making it easier for patrons to get to their seats anywhere in the theatre.

5. I booked tickets for a performance but can no longer attend that night, can I switch my tickets?

Yes. If you need to exchange your tickets to a different night for any reason,
call or email our box office a one hour minimum before the performance and we can exchange your tickets to another performance of the same show. Price differences may apply depending on what day you move to/ from.

6. I am no longer able to attend a performance at all, can I refund my tickets?

No. Blue Bridge Theatre has a no refund policy on all tickets.

7. It shows that a performance is sold out on the day I want to come, How can I get tickets?

If the date you are looking for is more than 48 hours away call our box office to
be placed on a waitlist in the event tickets come available and we will call you to book. If it is less than 48 hours show up for the performance to go on standby if tickets come available at the door.

8. I have a group who would like to attend a show, how do I book for my group?

For group bookings, please email [email protected]

9. How do I get involved with Blue Bridge Theatre?

We would be happy to hear from you! Blue Bridge Theatre has a regular volunteer roster, please visit our Volunteer Page on our website. Other opportunities will be posted on our Get Involved Page.

10. Do you rent out the theatre?

Yes! You can look at what is happening at the Roxy or fill out a request form at the Roxy website.

11. Do you play movies?

We don’t regularly play movies at this time. Keep an eye on our At the Roxy website for any future movie showings

12. Where can I find a seat map?

You can find our seat map HERE.

13. Why is there Tier One and Tier Two Pricing on your tickets?

We have added an accessible pricing tier into our pricing structure. This applies to each seat for each performance. The base price is before gst and fees are added on. Please select the price that is better fit for your budget. Tier one is a lower price and Tier two is a higher price. 

General FAQ’s:

Parking: Street parking is available along Quadra Street as well as on Fifth Street which is located one block over from us. Parking may also be available in the parking lot connected to Fairway.

Latecomers: Latecomers will be seated at the discretion of the House Manager. There is no guarantee that you will be able to be seated in your reserved seats if you are late for a performance.

Courtesy to others: Talking, candy wrappers and coughing are distracting to fellow patrons and actors. We ask each patron to please keep noise to a minimum
during a performance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Prohibited: The use of cameras and recording devices is strictly prohibited. All
mobile and electronic devices such as smart watches, must be turned off (even the
vibrations can be heard). To be contacted in an emergency, leave your name and
seat number with the House Manager.

Warnings: On occasion, our productions may contain: script-specific
smoking of non-tobacco products, special effects and language/content warnings.
For more information, please refer to the show pages on the website.

How can I support Blue Bridge Theatre?
If you’ve ever been to a Blue Bridge production, you’ve already experienced the
excitement of live theatre and understand our commitment to producing exceptional entertainment. Like many non-profit organizations, Blue Bridge Theatre relies on the generous support of donors to help us continue to produce great theatre at affordable prices. Donations can be made on top of your ticket purchases, or as separate transactions on our website, or you can call our box office manager at 250.382.3370.